Friday, July 27, 2007

Sitting in the Playpen Smokin' a Graham cracker

I was just thinking about how funny kids are. This little boy that I watch was talking to me about whatever it is that seven-year-old-boys talk about (mostly toys) and he mentioned the word "church" or I thought it was "church" but he had really said "turch."
"What's a 'turch'?" I asked him.
"You know.. 'a turch'!" he replied...
sounds like a sneeze to me.. you know.. "AAAaaa TURCH" okay.. maybe not quite.
So He continues to tell me what a 'turch' is and I said "Oh you mean 'Church'?"
"Yea that's what I said.. 'a turch'."
"A Church?"
"Right, a turch."
and no matter how many times I tried to convince him that it is pronounced "church" he still called it a 'turch'.

Okay so maybe this isn't the funniest thing I ever heard a kid say but the other things just aren't appropriate.
Sometimes I wonder about the way kids perceive things. They are a lot smarter then we give them credit for. They understand what is said whether or not we say it directly to them. that is something I have learned about kids - they are like little sponges and soak up everything you say (even if it seems like they aren't listening.) And they great thing about kids is that they are humble. They realize that they don't know everything and rely on older brothers, sisters, mom's, dad's, grandma's, grandpa's, babysitters, teacher, ect. to set them straight on what is and isn't true about the world. But what is the key to those hard questions like "where do babies come from?" why lie to them? Sure, they're only smokin' graham crackers but they can't stay innocent forever.


queenbee said...

That is pretty funny IMO :)

And (as I told you already)I totally agree with you 100% that kids are much smarter than most people think!

Skipper said...

update your blog, woman! hehe