Saturday, November 22, 2008

Giving up Control

After considering that I may have an issue with control, I have been trying to not let issues of that subject bother me. For example, my roommates can do many things that just drive me up the wall - But instead of acting in anger I am beginning to ask, Why do they drive me up the wall? because I think I'm right? or because I think she's stupid? or because I am trying to control a situation?

At Torch someone brought up the idea that they tried to control their life through eating habits ( not an uncommon thing for girls to do)... so how do I control my life? I know this sounds stupid... through organization. Since all this BLEH with Paris, and Alex and Tyanne being removed from my parents home (situations that I cannot control), etc, I have organized my room, my books (and I have a LOT of books), my kidz stuff, and my room is clean almost every night. HOWEVER, things that normally are organized are not so much, like school, homework, my closet, guitar, custodial, and relationships. I snap at Veronica and Kris a lot more recently but Kris has given me much, undeserved grace.

I also play games to preoccupy my mind: Card games, computer games, Nintendo games (mostly Guitar Hero).

I know that there are many things that I cannot control and many things I should give up control. It is hard sometimes to say, "I AM NOT IN CONTROL". I know that God reigns.. So why do I have to be so controlling?

When a situation arises between me and another person, instead of blowing that person off my mind by saying, "what an idiot," i am retraining my thinking; "now why did that happen? is it me? is it them?" I realized that everyone is fighting for control. it is the reason so many people don't get along. Everyone seems to be fighting for control: if even for just a little - a battle, (war even) for something that doesn't even belong to us. Everyone wants it but the only way to get it is to steal it from God.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tastes Like Red

I brought these Tortilla chips to Pre-School for a snack: they were purple, red, and regular. They all tasted exactly the same. We gave each child a handful of chips, making sure each one received every color. An interesting thing began to happen - apparently the red chips tasted funny. I wanted to see what would happen, and sure enough, other preschoolers started having problems with various colors. Only one child said, "Hey! They all taste the same!," almost as if I had tricked him by giving him chips that all tasted the same. Only one other child affirmed that they did indeed all taste the same and argue his point.

I'm sure there is a biblical truth that can be added to this.. maybe you have some ideas?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The simple Meaning behind sciptures

I FINALLY got a sheet back from a child. I gave out these sheets with scriptures on them. They were practice sheets for Sword Drills (Bible Drills). All they had to do was write a one-liner about the scriptures listed and they'd receive a "prize". Weeks and Weeks went by and I hadn't received one. Well, after two months, I finally got a sheet back. There are some other interesting things I want to write about it but I left the sheet at church so I'll have to write about it once I actually have it in hand....

Update pending.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Snakes In a Gutter

I've been looking for more challenging games that we can play in Fusion (KidzChurch) because the Christmas Lights are going up in the gym this weeks and that means no more basketballs or dodge balls. So I went searching for some group games online and I found this game called "Snakes In a Gutter".

Two or three kids are chosen to stand on the half court line (as snakes) and they cannot move from it. Everyone else stands against the wall furthest from the half court line. Then all the kids yell "Snakes in the gutter!" and they run to the opposite side of the gym. If one gets tagged by a snake then they're a snake too and stand on the half court line.

So when I asked the kids if they wanted to play a new game this week, they all shouted, "NOOOOOO!!!" It was overwhelmingly negative. One kid even said, "I HATE games!" However, in my authority I made them play (I've never had to make kids play a game before!). After the first round the kids realized how much fun it was and wanted to try again. As the rounds progressed they were finding new ways to get around (under or over) the snakes without getting tagged. When time finally came to do somthing else, i could only pull them away by promising time to play again later.

Isn't it interesting how we think we hate somthing until we try it? Wouldn't it be just aweful of me to relate this to the election right now? Seriously though, the day after the election I thought my head was going to expload. There were so many people (instructors, students and all) with everything to say about Obama and what a shame it is that he will be our president. Personally, I don't really think that much on it. I know that God (the supreme authority) is in control and what ever happens happpens and He knows that it will happen. Romans 13:1-2 says, "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authoritiey is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves..." So, just like those kids screaming "Nooo!" and "I hate, I hate!" after trying it they liked it. I'm not saying that it will turn out that way for us, but maybe God will bring somthing together. Maybe people will recognize their need for Jesus? Maybe God is preparing us for somthing yet to come? We don't know what God is doing here, and it would (and is) unfair for us to judge the man God is placing in authority.

Anyway, Back to the kids, I think we might have a new favorite game (instead of dodge ball). If anyone else has some fun games kids can play (about 20-25 children) the suggestion would be very appreciated.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Here Goes

So I was thinking about all these kids that come to kids church and just realizing what amazing things they say sometimes without even knowing it! (Esspecially preschoolers)!

I have to say, I was not terribly excited about starting to teach pre-schoolers on a weekly basis, but I've grown to like them. I know that God hasn't just called me to minister to kids between ages 6-11. I am excited to be learning so much about different age groups. I didn't realize how important this was until my cousin, Ashley, asked me for some advice about kids. Then after I answered I realized how much I've learned in such a short amount of time.

Anyway, Andrea started a blog that kind of shows her developement as a careerwomen and I thought maybe it would be fun for me to do the same (I hope she doesn't feel like this is a total violation of her idea). I have so much to say, maybe I just need an outlet.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Approaching a Perfect God

Why does God allow us to approch Him the way that we do? we just walk right up to Him and start telling Him what we'd like Him to do for us. What a way to apprroach a king! In Esther's day, you couldn't even come to the king unsummond, and if you did, you were killed. So why then do we approach our perfect king this way? God is so merciful and Just. He smiles and loves us and listens but He is in no way obligated to do what we ask yet we treat Him as if He is.

If I was going to approach a worldly king unsummoned I would prostrate myself and before him and beg him not to give me the death I so greatly deserve. "Have mercy! Please! Don't kill me!" I'd cry. The king may say (and would have the right to say) "why shouldn't I kill you!? You're slime and you dishonor(ed) me!" ~Oh yes. I have dishonored the king and deserve death. ~ A worldly king would have killed me before I even finished that thought.

If that is the way one would approach and imperfect man of this world then why would we approach a perfect, holy God in the way that we do? shouldn't we run before our king and fall on our face and pray, " God have mercy on me!" We are all unworthy of God's presence because we have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God - We deserve death.

When we come to God, we should (and must) humble ourselves before Him, recognizing that He is holy, and perfect. Then, and only when, He acknowledges us do we know that we are allowed to speak and plead our case before the king.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I don't want to run power point! I want to worship God!

"I don't want to do power point! I want to worship God!"

I used this phrase on a Tuesday Morning (chapel service), that happened to be an all worship service. I just want to make a few points before I move on:

(1) We don't need power point to worship God
(2) Every Person in our school knows the words to the songs we’re are singing (I can make this assertion because of the school's small size) thus power point is pointless.
(3) I didn't see anyone else volunteering their services while I was being forced...

Okay, so I started to feel indignant, "Why should I have to run power point?! I want to worship! If I knew I was going to get stuck running PowerPoint I wouldn't have even bother coming to chapel!

It has been a week since that incident and yet I am still curious as to why it peeved me so. Am I not able to worship God at anytime? So what’s the big deal!?

In fact, I am still slightly peeved over the matter… and I’m not really sure why.

Anger is such a curious thing in my life. I think about how far I have come from my “angry days” (Andrea can probably tell stories of such days….)

I have realized that sadness plays a BIG part in my anger-ness. I think “Why the heck am I soooo angry!?” But it is based on sadness. All I have to do is figure out what I am sad about and leave it at the cross… then **vwala!** no more anger! (Yea right! It has taken many ears to come to the realization and is still a work in progress.) God has really dealt with one depression at a time. He has revealed things to me through my questions, “What is this? Why that? Why does this happen? Ect.” And having to do the hardest thing… being open to the Holy Spirit’s change for/in my life.

So, back to that PowerPoint thing. Is the PowerPoint situation one of those angry moments. Perhaps a, I just need something to be angry at and this is the first thing that came my way… type of a thing? Is my sadness masquerading itself as anger again? Or am I really ticked about the PowerPoint taking the place of worship?