Thursday, October 9, 2008

Approaching a Perfect God

Why does God allow us to approch Him the way that we do? we just walk right up to Him and start telling Him what we'd like Him to do for us. What a way to apprroach a king! In Esther's day, you couldn't even come to the king unsummond, and if you did, you were killed. So why then do we approach our perfect king this way? God is so merciful and Just. He smiles and loves us and listens but He is in no way obligated to do what we ask yet we treat Him as if He is.

If I was going to approach a worldly king unsummoned I would prostrate myself and before him and beg him not to give me the death I so greatly deserve. "Have mercy! Please! Don't kill me!" I'd cry. The king may say (and would have the right to say) "why shouldn't I kill you!? You're slime and you dishonor(ed) me!" ~Oh yes. I have dishonored the king and deserve death. ~ A worldly king would have killed me before I even finished that thought.

If that is the way one would approach and imperfect man of this world then why would we approach a perfect, holy God in the way that we do? shouldn't we run before our king and fall on our face and pray, " God have mercy on me!" We are all unworthy of God's presence because we have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God - We deserve death.

When we come to God, we should (and must) humble ourselves before Him, recognizing that He is holy, and perfect. Then, and only when, He acknowledges us do we know that we are allowed to speak and plead our case before the king.

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queenbee said...

I never really thought about it that way.... you are so right.
really good blog.