Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I don't want to run power point! I want to worship God!

"I don't want to do power point! I want to worship God!"

I used this phrase on a Tuesday Morning (chapel service), that happened to be an all worship service. I just want to make a few points before I move on:

(1) We don't need power point to worship God
(2) Every Person in our school knows the words to the songs we’re are singing (I can make this assertion because of the school's small size) thus power point is pointless.
(3) I didn't see anyone else volunteering their services while I was being forced...

Okay, so I started to feel indignant, "Why should I have to run power point?! I want to worship! If I knew I was going to get stuck running PowerPoint I wouldn't have even bother coming to chapel!

It has been a week since that incident and yet I am still curious as to why it peeved me so. Am I not able to worship God at anytime? So what’s the big deal!?

In fact, I am still slightly peeved over the matter… and I’m not really sure why.

Anger is such a curious thing in my life. I think about how far I have come from my “angry days” (Andrea can probably tell stories of such days….)

I have realized that sadness plays a BIG part in my anger-ness. I think “Why the heck am I soooo angry!?” But it is based on sadness. All I have to do is figure out what I am sad about and leave it at the cross… then **vwala!** no more anger! (Yea right! It has taken many ears to come to the realization and is still a work in progress.) God has really dealt with one depression at a time. He has revealed things to me through my questions, “What is this? Why that? Why does this happen? Ect.” And having to do the hardest thing… being open to the Holy Spirit’s change for/in my life.

So, back to that PowerPoint thing. Is the PowerPoint situation one of those angry moments. Perhaps a, I just need something to be angry at and this is the first thing that came my way… type of a thing? Is my sadness masquerading itself as anger again? Or am I really ticked about the PowerPoint taking the place of worship?

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