Saturday, August 18, 2007


Here's a funny joke that really shows how kid's really do change everything.

One day a little boy was sitting on a park bench reading his bible and praising God "Hallelujah, Wow God, you are so awesome." A passerby heard the child and sat down next to him,

"Why are you praising God for, young man?"

"Because," said the boy pointing at the reference in his bible, "God parted the Red Sea so all the Israelites could cross to the other side!"

"Well," the man snorted, "that was a long time ago. Evolution proves that the Red Sea would only have been 6inches at that time.” The man stood up to leave and the boy began praising God again.

"Wow God, you are sow awesome! Hallelujah!"

Upon hearing this, the man turned around and said, "Why are you praising God now?"

The little boy looked at his bible, then to the man.... "God drowned a whole Egyptian army in 6 inches of water!!!"

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