Monday, September 10, 2007

The "Streak-Free" Cleaner

So I clean the church windows with this Walmart "streak-free" cleaner but I had to wash the windows like 8 times because the cleaner isn't really streak free.

Of course I had to parallel this with our lives as Christians. So many times we choose to use our "streak free" cleaner and think we are clean yet we refuse to recognize Jesus to our every day lives. Not say that you have to recognize Jesus every day to be 'clean' but I am so aware of those Christians who live as if they are streak free but they are not. They are using the Walmart cleaner.

We need to use Windex and easily clean all our spots (Of course this is Jesus in my metaphor). All we have to do is seek Jesus and he washes us like Windex washes windows. ;)


Jennifer said...

Aah! You *did* write your windex blog! :)

Skipper said...