Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is it possible?

I have these dreams that are SO real.
I used to think that my dreams were the reason I didn't sleep well. I would wake up in the morning after a full nights rest and be exhausted. But now I feel plenty rested and still remember most of my dreams. I have recently been taking my dreams more seriously and writing them down. Sometimes I write them down and i go back and read them I go "oh...." and other times I just think "well that was an interesting dream having to do with absolutely nothing." But mostly my dreams are just a curious thing of my mind for a long time meaning nothing until the time i look back on them. Is it possible that God is trying to speak to me though my dreams? maybe that's crazy?

Some of my dreams have very obvious meanings.

If God IS trying to speak to me through my dreams how do I know? When's God speaking to me? it's not like there are websites for these things...

Anyway... just an interesting concept. any ideas?


Pete said...

I always thought it'd be just a bit creepy, but also pretty cool if He spoke to me in dreams...can't say I've ever had it happen though, and I wouldn't really know how to identify if it really was Him or not - perhaps just that chocolate milk from the night before?

Meri said...

I've definately had things revealed through dreams.